How Much is Credibility Worth?

closed door

The question of credibility has come up with me a lot lately.  How much is credibility worth?  A LOT!  It’s everything to me.  I have NEVER sold out or promoted a company in order to get some sort of “kick back.”  To me, it just isn’t worth it.  My whole reason for writing A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising was to help other parents raise more money for their schools and show them an easier way with less stress.

Since the book was published, I have been approached by several fundraising companies (nope, I won’t embarrass them here) that have asked me to get involved with them and share their information with all of you.  They suggested that for every person I refer who signs up, they will pay me X amount of money. Other groups have suggested a “partnership” where I endorse them in exchange for money….even if I don’t believe in the product.

I was shocked.

Now, maybe I’m too much of a goody goody or maybe I was raised with a different set of values (note that I am not judging those that do this — only that it is different from my experience).  When I wrote the book, I didn’t ask for anything from the companies I wrote about in my book.  It never would have crossed my mind to take payment for writing about a program that I whole-heartedly believe in.  But I also could not imagine taking money to push someone’s product that I didn’t believe in — only to make a buck or two.  It just doesn’t feel right, and for me, it never will.  As I tried to explain this to the guy who pitched me his company and a possible “partnership,” I realized that for him, this was just the price of doing business.

For me, that price tag is just too high!

I’d rather close the door on a couple of trolls (yes, I know that’s a smurf in the picture) than sell my credibility down the river.

I make this promise to all of you now.  If I share information about a fundraising program or idea, it will be coming from the heart.  I may have used the program, or know people who have tried it with success, or just think it sounds like a great program that you should know about.  You can be sure that I won’t be doing ANY of it to benefit my company or my wallet.  That’s not who I am, nor whom I want to be — ever!  Helping people raise money for their kids schools and programs is my passion, and I want to help you in any way I can.  If at some point, I find a company I love and decide to become an affiliate, I will let you know.  I will not sacrifice your fundraising for my bottom line!

If you are looking for help with your fundraising, or know someone who could benefit from my services, please share this post!

To your success!



Sarah has been fundraising for schools since 2008.  She is the author of A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising and has consulted for several schools and clubs.  She has been featured on, Scholastic: Parent & Child and The New York Times. She thinks all kids should be able to have a well-rounded education, team uniforms, instruments and support.  Don’t you?




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