(also known as the FAQ)

 “Sarah was great to work with. It was very helpful to hear her perspective from a paren that has been on the fundraising side. She gave us valuable information to make our product successful with schools.”  –Mandy Curry, HealthyKidsInc.

“The Business FAQ was well worth every penny. This is exceptional feedback. Thank you so much! My wife and I appreciate it greatly and we are going to begin implementing your suggestions immediately!” –Kris Reid, Profound Parenting


What the Business FAQ can do for you?

  • Complete my 15-question, in-depth fundraising assessment and zero in on what you really need to succeed in getting into schools and working with groups. Laser focused planning means less No’s for you and more opportunities for Yes’s.
  • You get a 1 – 3 page strategy and analysis for your organization so you have a path to follow. You don’t have to second-guess which groups or schools might work for you. I will give you a plan specifically written for your business, based on the information you provide and a few organizations for you to reach out to and get you started.
  • You get actionable steps, so you make more money for your business and reach many new clients through schools, sports teams and clubs.


What are the benefits for YOU?

  • You will get unbiased insight into your pitch.  I can look from the outside and help you find a better way to get a positive result.
  • You will get customized feedback. I want your business to be successful and find new organizations to help it grow and prosper! The more information you share in the questionnaire, the more specific I can be.
  • You will have a road map to put you on your path to success.


I have a formula — a system — a plan to help you save time, money and energy!




You get written feedback and a fundraising plan:  $225


You get written feedback, a fundraising plan, and a 30-minute Q & A to discuss your implementation:  $300

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