Fundraising in Corporate America?

WordItOut-word-cloud-1058190Can you imagine fundraising in Corporate America the way you did in elementary school?  Sure, the cause is different, but there are a lot more companies in Corporate America that are looking at employee engagement and want to support things that are important to their employees.  Companies like Google, Tom’s Shoes, Hulu, Edmunds and Zappos are just a few of the innovative companies that focus on their employees.

While some companies in Corporate America still have employees punching a clock (literally), others are giving employees more room to make decisions of when to get their work done and how. Companies want to have loyalty from their employees. There are lots of ways to get that, including offering perks, great healthcare and compensation and treating everyone with respect.

Employers want to know who their employees are and what motivates them.

Imagine this:  An inter-office competition.  Each department can choose their own philanthropic cause and create events that people inside and out of the company attend to raise money for those causes. It’s like Party Book for the business world! The money goes to a good cause, co-workers socialize and get to know each other better and nothing motivates like healthy competition between departments! What the company ends up with is a closer-knit relationship with their employees and a lot of great PR for the company that supports them! Oh, and everyone has a blast doing some fun activities that maybe they would do anyway!

Does this sound like something you want to do? I can help your company get started!

Whether it’s helping schools, sports teams and clubs or helping corporate America…We can change the world…together!

To your success!



Sarah has been fundraising for schools since 2008.  She is the author of A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising and has consulted for several schools and clubs.  She has been featured on, Scholastic: Parent & Child and The New York Times. She thinks all kids should be able to have a well-rounded education, team uniforms, instruments and support, and wants to help Corporate America give back as well.  Don’t you?

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