Fat Talk – Or Not

Fat Talk – Or Not

scaleFat Talk – Or Not

This morning, my seven year old Charlotte told me that I should lose weight. I don’t use “fat talk,” I do not make nasty remarks about myself or others in regards to weight, we do a balanced plate.

Charlotte then proceeded to tell me that a couple girls came up to her at school during recess and asked her if she was fat or thin. Why is a second grader talking about this stuff? Charlotte responded that she was thin and all the girls laughed.  I asked Charlotte how that made her feel.  She told me it made her sad.  “I guess they think I’m fat.”  I asked her, “Do you think you’re fat?”  She said no.

I said, “if it didn’t make you feel good when the kids in your class asked you about your weight, why would you turn around and say it to me?”  There wasn’t an answer.  She was “trying it on.”  Kids try out being mean.  I hope that won’t happen again, but it probably will.  The question is how do we, as parents, deal with it? What would you do?

The idea that anyone should be calling my kid anything close to fat makes me mad.  I didn’t grow up feeling good about the way I looked.  If I got the compliment of having a pretty face, it was always followed up with a “if only you lost some weight…”   I try so hard to help my girls feel good about themselves, but Charlotte is so tough.  She refuses to eat vegetables (except broccoli) and won’t eat anything that isn’t processed except an occasional turkey burger.  She’s a strictly chicken and fries or fish sticks and fries or spaghetti and turkey meatballs (from the frozen section of Trader Joes) kind of girl.

For Charlotte, food is something you have to stop and do before getting on to the next thing.  My mother in law would say that Charlotte is “all business.”  I think she’s right.  While Charlotte does love food, she can walk away from it very easily.  It’s not as easy for the rest of us in the family.  I’m glad she doesn’t struggle with it, but I can’t really figure out WHY she says and does the things she does…She is a mystery.


Do you have someone who is a mystery to you?  Got a kid who is picky?  Share with me below in the comments section…maybe we can help each other!




Sarah is a native Los Angeleno with the heart of a Chicagoan.   She loves A Cappella music, cooking, and swing dancing. When she’s not helping raise money for schools, sports teams and clubs, she is hanging out with and loving life with her husband and girls.  For more information about what she does professionally, check out www.amomsguidetoschoolfundraising.com

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